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BangerBar Power Harness (2Banger)

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x BAF130H

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Introducing the Morimoto BangerBar Wiring Harness: Your ticket to elevating your lighting setup to a whole new level! Designed to outshine the competition, this harness ensures rock-solid power delivery for your 2 or 4Banger pods, all with unmatched ease. With a commitment to excellence, every component has been meticulously crafted – from the triple-sealed 4-pin relays to the over-molded inline fuse holder with a 20A mini fuse. It's built to last, boasting 16 AWG copper wiring with black mesh insulation, heavy-duty heat shrink protection, and stainless steel terminals that won't back down. But it's not just rugged; it's clever too! The logical layout allows you to effortlessly power up to eight Bangers with the BangerBar links. Plus, the in-line barrel connector for the in-cabin push button switch simplifies installation, and there's even a designated input line for upfitter switches. This harness is your BangerBar's perfect match, available in two versions catering to 6-8 pods or 10-12 pods.


  • Reliable Power: Triple-sealed relays and 20A fuse for dependable performance.
  • Durable Build: 16 AWG copper wiring, black mesh insulation, and over-molded connectors.
  • Easy Install: Logical layout, in-line barrel connector for hassle-free setup.
  • Perfect Match: Designed for Morimoto BangerBar setups, available in two versions.
  • Enhanced Lighting: Precision engineering for brighter, flicker-free lights.


  • Harness: 1x Morimoto BangerBar Multi-Pod Power Harness

  • Switch Subharness 1: 2x M-Spec Push Button Switches

  • Switch Subharness 2: Upfitter Switch Inputs (35cm 20AWG)

  • Output Extension: 1x 2m/78.7in Extension

  • Output Caps: 2x (for un-used outputs)


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Relays: Custom 2x 60A M-Spec (Hard-Potted)

  • Switches: 2x Normally-Off M-Spec w/ Amber backlight

  • Outputs: 8x or 12x Deutsch DT 2-Pin Female

  • Main Input: 12V+/- Battery Ring Terminals (8.5mm ID / 15mm OD)

  • Wiring: 10AWG-20AWG Copper Stranded

  • Insulation: Black Tech Flex Braided Mesh


  • Morimoto Pods: 1Banger, 2Banger, and 4Banger

  • Other Pods: With Deutsch DT 2-Pin inputs

  • BangerBar System: Yes

  • Pod Quantity: 6-8 (BAF130H) or 10-12 (BAF131H)


Power Up: The Morimoto BangerBar is a piece of equipment designed to set a new standard in in its segment, and the same goes for the wiring. This harness is designed to provide reliable power delivery to a row of our 2 or 4Banger pods linked together with ease.

OEM+: Not one component on the harness was overlooked for the sake of cost or simplicity. Triple sealed proprietary 4-pin relays with hanger. Proprietary over-molded inline fuse holder with 20A mini fuse. DT06-2S female outputs with dual seals. Stainless steel power and ground terminals. Proprietary M-Spec push button switch with amber-LED backlight.

Proper: All wiring is properly sized and relays rated for flicker-free, reliable power delivery. Every line of the 16 awg copper wiring is protected with black mesh insulation. Every connector has been over-molded, sealed, or protected with heavy duty heat shrink. Your factory wire harness will fall apart before this thing.

Plug n Play: The connections on the harness have been laid out in a logical way to power up to eight Bangers linked together with the BangerBar links. The wiring for the in-cabin push button switch has an in-line barrel connector that drastically improves ease of installation, since you don't have to jam the switch mechanism through the firewall. The harness also includes an input line that's ideal for use with upfitter switches.

Compatible: This harness is a perfect match for Morimoto BangerBar setups with numerous pods linked together as a light bar. It is purposely designed to deliver enough power, and laid out with intention. There are two versions. One for 6-8 pods, and another for 10-12 pods.

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