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Links & Mounting Accessories: BigBanger Bar

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 1 x BAF089

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Introducing the Triple Row BangerBar - the ultimate bespoke light bar solution! Whether you're off-roading, camping, or just need extra illumination on the road, this product has you covered. With the Triple Row BangerBar, you have complete control to customize your setup with ease. Our main ingredients include Pod Links, crafted from durable CNC machined aluminum, designed to securely connect the LED pods together. End Mounting Feet ensure effortless installation on any flat surface, be it a metal front bumper or a roof rack, thanks to their adjustable brackets. For added stability in longer setups, our Middle Support Legs are a must. And don't forget the Wire Harness - meticulously designed for BangerBar setups with numerous pods, ensuring ample power delivery. Elevate your lighting game with the Triple Row BangerBar - a versatile, reliable, and fully customizable solution. Upgrade your illumination experience today!


  • Customizable: Pod Links for flexible configurations.
  • Durable: CNC machined aluminum build for toughness.
  • Universal Mounting: End Mounting Feet for easy attachment.
  • Vibration Control: Middle Support Leg for stability.
  • Efficient Power: Purpose-designed Wire Harness for consistent lighting.


  • Mounting Accessory: 1x Pod Link, 1x Middle Support Leg, or 2x End Mounting Feet

  • Hardware: All components include stainless hardware


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Central Links: Machined 6061 AL Extrusion

  • End Mounting Feet: Machined AL Stamped Steel

  • Center Support Leg: Stamped Steel

  • Hardware: 304 and 316 Stainless

  • Hardware: 316 Stainless Screws

  • Radius Range: +/- 9 Degrees

  • Vertical Aiming Range: +/- 45 Degrees


  • Pod Links: Morimoto BigBanger

  • End Mounting Feet: Universal

  • Middle Support Leg: Universal


Off-Road Reinvented: Since 2008, Morimoto has been building the best lighting upgrades for the automotive aftermarket... consistently turning out products packed with more performance, reliability, and best in-class fitment & style. The Triple Row BangerBar continues that tradition as a bespoke light bar, and if one of our pre-configured options doesn't fit your needs, here you can order all of the components separately to build it out exactly as you wish!

Creating a Light Bar: Out of the BigBanger LED pods requires four main ingredients. The Pod links, which connect the individual pods together. The end mounting feet, which allow you to mount the bar to any flat surface, and the middle support leg, which supports longer runs of the bars.

Pod Links: These are responsible for securely bolting the pods together, and are the heart of the BangerBar system. Constructed of CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum and then beautifully anodized, these allow the bars to be assembled in either perfectly-straight, or with up to six degrees of radius. Radius-indicators are etched into the side of the pod so that you can set each one up with consistency. Powder-coated aluminum faceplates with embossed Morimoto M Logos and 316 stainless steel hardware included. How many do you need? Subtract one from the number of pods in your bar. (SKU = BAF090)

End Mounting Feet: These allow you to mount a complete BangerBar to any flat surface, such as a metal front bumper or roof rack. The kit includes a set of adjustable brackets for each end of the bar, and the L-Shaped feet that will secure it to your truck with confidence. The mounts are fully adjustable, allowing you to dial-in the vertical aim of the light bar. Each bar only requires one set for mounting. (SKU = BAF090SF)

Middle Support Leg: These are designed to support the weight in the center of longer BangerBars, and will prevent the bar from vibrating with its rubber footing. Like the other components, they are fully adjustable to ensure the support is optimized for your roof line, rack height, etc. How many do you need? 29 inch bars require one leg. Anything larger, you'll need two legs. (SKU = BAF090SB)

Wire Harness: This harness is a perfect match for Morimoto BangerBar setups with numerous pods linked together as a light bar. It is purposely designed to deliver enough power, and laid out with intention.(BAF133H).

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