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About Morimoto

We redefine the automotive aftermarket for high intensity lighting. Taking the poorly lit back roads has never been more exciting with Morimoto powered headlamps.

Morimoto lighting was established in 2008 to fill the gap in the aftermarket for truly high quality automotive lighting products. Without the budget of a major automaker to back R&D and production, individual consumers could either salvage original equipment components, or be forced to settle for inferior aftermarket parts. If you are an enthusiast, a fabricator, or a distributor and have found yourself unimpressed with the ‘dime-a-dozen’ HID kits and accessories from other manufactures, then we urge you to take a closer look at what we have to offer. Search the web for an alternative name in lighting that comes more widely recommended by end-users for performance, reliability, and the way it looks and if you can find it, then buy it. Morimoto is the automotive lighting benchmark.

The relationship that Morimoto has with over three hundred Authorized Distributors worldwide is mutually beneficial. By working hand-in-hand with them to develop products according to local market demands, we can ensure that our product line for every consumer and climate. Further, through an open and honest line of communication with our distributors, we can continually monitor, improve, and adjust our product offerings according to their feedback and feedback from their customer bases. The company is structured to realize long-term gains, and nearly all profit is reinvested back into our product development and infrastructure to improve the deliverable. We have worked hard to develop an honorable reputation and refuse to compromise quality in the name of increased margins.

Concept to Completion

Product Development

When our existing product line doesn’t meet a certain need, it is our pleasure to work with our clients for all of their OEM and ODM needs. If you are serious about what you do and want to stand out in your niche, our team here at Morimoto will work with you as a clear and cohesive team to help make your idea to reality. Our success relies on yours, so from the concept phase to prototyping to mass production, we will put forth our best efforts on your project. We promise to do what it takes to bring the product to market swiftly, without compromise, and while delivering value through reasonable fixed and variable production costs.

OEM Services: We welcome all original equipment inquiries and can organize production on your original designs. Whether your product is only partially rendered or has a full set of blueprints, tap into Morimoto’s wide range of resources to complete production. We will guarantee secrecy and exclusivity on all OEM projects to ensure the product never ends up in the wrong hands.

ODM Service: The existing Morimoto product line is hard to beat and already covers a lot of ground, but if its not a Morimoto branded product you’re seeking, we understand. Any of our products can be re-branded according to your needs. Since we manufacture everything we sell, if you prefer a different wire length, a different color material, your own logo to be engraved, we can do it. We can even provide templates for all of the packaging so that your branding design can be applied and professionally printed. Morimoto builds some of the world’s most respected brands.

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While our main focus is on improving vision at night, our corporate vision at Morimoto Lighting also incorporates standards focused on sustainability. From manufacturing, waste management, to R&D, we are playing a role to preserve and protect our environment.

Our energy efficient manufacturing facilities observe this philosophy and there, we are conscious of both energy use and waste management. Recyclable materials are recycled. Harmful materials are disposed of properly. Demand for energy is reduced through automatic lighting zones using modern LED fixtures, efficient ventilation, and conscious efforts to reduce waste by team members.

Each year, our engineering programs make further advancements in the green technologies that go into our products. We have greatly increased the performance reliability, and demand for our mercury-free line of D3 and D4 based xenon lamps and ballasts, in turn promoting the decline of product lines that contain mercury. Utilizing trickle down technology, we are incorporating more and more energy-efficient, zero waste LED light sources into our products than ever before.

Morimoto believes that maintaining the beauty of our surroundings is just as important as being able to see them clearly.