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BigBanger LED Ditch Light System: Chevrolet Silverado (07-13)

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Brand: Morimoto




PART #: 2 x BAF118, 1 x BAF032, 1 x BAF132H

*Guaranteed Fitment
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Introducing the Morimoto BigBanger A-Pillar kit, your ultimate solution for superior vehicle illumination. With its powerful LED pods, you can choose between two beam patterns - Combo for balanced width and distance, or Spot for unbeatable long-range visibility, both available in white and yellow versions. Our kit is engineered for a perfect fit on the 07-13 Chevrolet Silverado, ensuring a hassle-free installation without modifications. Crafted from durable 304 stainless steel, our laser-cut brackets are built to withstand the toughest conditions. The BigBanger outshines the competition, thanks to cutting-edge design and optimization, and with multiple performance options, there's a BigBanger for every need. Plus, our A-Pillar kit includes an integrated amber backlight for safety at night. Don't compromise on quality and reliability. Trust Morimoto's expertise and enjoy the brightest and most reliable LED solution on the market. Illuminate your path and enhance your driving experience with the Morimoto BigBanger A-Pillar kit.


  • Impressive Beam Patterns: Combo and Spot options for versatile lighting.
  • Brighter Illumination: HXB Pods reach 800m distance with intense brightness.
  • Easy Installation: Fits 07-13 Chevrolet Silverado without modification.
  • Durable Construction: Laser-cut stainless steel brackets with powder coating.
  • Maximized Performance: Cutting-edge tech ensures reliable, high-output lighting.


  • A-Pillar Brackets: 2x (One Pair) Ditch Brackets (BAF032 / Silverado)

  • Hardware: Stainless bolts & plastic cable clips

  • Optional LED Pods: 2x Morimoto Big Banger (Optional Color / Beam)

  • Optional Wiring: 1x Morimoto Power Harness or 2x DT Pigtails


This Morimoto product includes a Lifetime limited warranty, serviced and supported by the Morimoto team in Atlanta, GA. This warranty does not cover modifications, alterations, or misuse. For additional information, Click Here.


  • Note: These specifications are per pod / each!

  • Intensity (NCS Combo Yellow): 82,500 Cd (825 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (NCS Combo White): 115,000 Cd (1,150 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (NCS Spot Yellow): 290,000 Cd (2,900 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (HXB Combo Yellow): 158,000 Cd (1,580 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (HXB Combo White): 210,000 Cd (2,100 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (HXB Spot Yellow): 400,000 Cd (4,000 lux @ 10m)

  • Intensity (HXB Spot White): 535,000 Cd (5,350 lux @ 10m)

  • Peak Luminosity (Raw): 3,150lm (NCS), 7,000lm (HXB)

  • Input Voltage: 9-18V DC

  • Power: 36.5w (NCS), 77w (HXB), 30w (Backlight), 8w (Dim Backlight)

  • Current (@13.5V DC): 2.74A (NCS), 5.55A (HXB), 2.2A (Backlight), 600mA (Dim Backlight)

  • Dimensions: 154mm W, 136.7mm H (153.5mm w/ Bracket), 76.1mm D

  • Color: 2400K (Yellow NCS), 2700K (Yellow HXB), 5600K (White NCS), or 5700K (White HXB))

  • Light Source: 7x Nichia NCSY131F, Nichia NCSW131F, or Osram HX Boost (Output), 12x CREE XP-E2 PC Amber (Backlight)

  • Input: Integrated Deutsch DT 4-Pin

  • Material: Makrolon LED PC (Lens), Powdercoated Die Cast Aluminum (Housing)



  • Vehicles: Chevrolet Silverado (2007-2013)

  • Morimoto LED Pods: Big Banger NCS and HXB


IP69K (Dust / High Pressure Water Resistant)

Bolt on Brighter: The Morimoto BigBanger A-Pillar LED system is the perfect solution for more light, aimed exactly where you want it. From long-range spot-lights for high speed driving to ditch lights to illuminate the side of the road, our A-Pillar kit is all about versatility. Select a set of high performance BigBanger LED pods in your choice of beam pattern, pair that with the brackets to make installation a breeze, and power it properly with our switched wire harness.

Engineered Fitment: Morimoto's A-Pillar kit for the 07-13 Chevrolet Silverado has been through numerous rounds of design, prototyping and testing directly on the truck to ensure perfect compatibility. Everything lines up with pre-existing mounting points to create an installation that is truly modification-free. Guaranteed. Yes, we agree this is a basic requirement, but you wouldn't believe the poor fitment we encountered from other well-known brands during development. It was mind blowing.

Branches Beware: Each bracket is laser cut from 304 stainless steel, then powder coated. Put simply, the side mirrors on your Ram will rip off way before our A-Pillar kit even flexes a muscle.

Performance: Its big. Its heavy. Its expensive, but nothing else out there can compete. Out on the trail at night, the BigBanger will run with the best brands in the business. Every element has been designed to maximize light output without compromise. LucidShape was used to optimize performance around the most modern, lumen-dense LEDs from Nichia and Osram. Thermal dynamics have been optimized using SolidWorks. With two performance tiers, two beam patterns (spot or combo) and two colors (white or yellow output); there is a BigBanger to suit the most demanding performance needs.

HXB Spot Beam: The BigBanger HXB spot is a true performance powerhouse for fast paced driving in the dark--and no matter the speed, you will never outrun its ability to penetrate up to 800 meters into the distance. Producing well-over a half million Candela, there is literally nothing else on the market that can compare to the BigBanger HXB spot. To put the power in perspective, our 4Banger HXB wide beam is the brightest pod on the market in its class, its highly impressive, and its only pushing 22,000CD.

HXB Combo Beam: Illuminates a clear path in every direction. The HXB Combo beam provides an unmatched blend of width and distance illumination making driving in the middle of nowhere far more comfortable. The powerful hot spot is complimented by a meaningful amount of both width and height, all perfectly tuned to produce a beam perfect for all-around visibility.

NCS Spot Beam: Illuminates a narrow field, but well into the distance. The NCS Spot features a highly focused 5-degree hot spot that's surrounded by a 14H x 4C degree flood beam, making it the perfect weapon for long range visibility. While not quite as powerful as the BigBanger HXB Spot, the NCS model easily keeps pace with the best in the business and offers a lot of 'Banger for the buck.

NCS Combo Beam: Offering the same great beam pattern as the top-of-the-line HXB model, the NCS Combo will effectively illuminate the path ahead in every direction with a meaningful amount of intensity throughout. The Combo optics produce a strong hotspot, width, and vertical flood into a beam pattern that's highly useful for all around visibility. Powered with modern LEDs from Nichia, intensity wont disappoint either.

Amber Back Light: Comes standard on all BigBanger Pods. While amber backlight does not produce any forward illumination, the daytime-setting is so bright that they will dim by 90% at night to avoid creating glare for oncoming traffic. The dual-intensity control for the backlight is integrated into our optional BigBanger-specific wire harness, which has been designed to control all modes on two pods.

Power Up: The Morimoto BigBanger LED Pods have been developed from the ground up to set a new standard in their segment, and the same goes for the optional wire harnesses. This harness is designed to control the pods and their dual intensity backlight with ease. Not one component was overlooked for the sake of cost or simplicity. Triple sealed proprietary 4-pin relay with hanger. Proprietary over-molded inline fuse holder with 20A mini fuse. DT06-4S female outputs with dual seals. Stainless steel power and ground terminals. Proprietary M-Spec push button switch with Amber-LED backlight.

All Weather: The white-output version is ideal for all-around visibility. For those who desire optimal output in rain, snow, or fog--the Yellow-output version will slay in shady weather. Morimoto has opted for Phosphor-converted Yellow LEDs that produce yellow light at the origin, which is the most effective way to penetrate through particles in the air without compromising output (Filtering white light through a yellow lens achieves the look, but no actual performance benefit in poor weather)

Reliability: With power comes great responsibility. Extensive effort went into ensuring the reliability of the BigBangers. High power means high heat, which is why the platform is built around a copper DTP (direct thermal path) PCB that maximizes heat-transfer to the radiator, which has been optimized through numerous rounds of thermal analysis. The cast aluminum shell is electroplated before powder coating to withstand flaking. The gasket system, integrated DT power connection, and breather valves all designed according to IP69K standards for full weather resistance.

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