We redefine the automotive aftermarket for high intensity lighting. Taking the dim light back roads has never been more exciting.

Morimoto HID projector Morimoto automotive lighting was established in 2008 to fill the gap in the automotive aftermarket for truly high quality lighting products. If you're an individual consumer, fabricator, or distributor and have found yourself unimpressed with the dime-a-dozen "hid kits" and the like from other suppliers, then we urge you to take a closer look at what we have to offer. Search the web for an alternative name in lighting that comes more widely recommended by other enthusiasts for performance, reliability and the way it looks and if you can find it, buy it.

About Morimoto

We are a professional manufacture of components used for upgrading headlights on any vehicle. The product line ranges from basic components such as high intensity discharge bulbs and ballasts, to more specialty products such as our advanced bi xenon projector optics.

Using ideas derived from feedback from our distributors via their interaction with individual consumers; we are constantly expanding our product line according to demand. If you're after a lighting- related part that you can't seem to find at all, or featuring the qualities you desire, please contact us for details on our oem service.