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Morimoto Cube Off-Road Light Pod

PART #: 1 x XT20



Facts & Figures


Daylight: No matter the time of day. Turn the sun back on with Morimoto's Cube spot lights that produce 1,400 raw lumens of mosquito-melting forward intensity. There are plenty of LED-cubes on the market today, and the Cube blasts with the best of em!

Identity: Distinct design separates itself (and your truck) from the pack with it's sleek geometry and unique projector-based optics. Hold the Cube in one hand, and a cheapo substitute in another - and you'll easily be able to tell the difference.

Optics: Using the latest CREE X-Lamp XT-E 5W LED's in combination with Morimoto's awesome Kuria spot light optics, you'll be rewarded with some mind blowing intensity to blast through the night.

Reliable: The Cube is designed to run in the rough, and they've been put through the paces for a whole year pre-release on two Toyota trucks and a 24HR Racecar. IP67 waterproof, die-cast aluminum shell keeps the internal gear well-protected and the moisture out. The thermally optimized heat sink radiates plenty of heat and keeps the system cool. It will take care of itself, you just keep moving.

What's included

Light Pod:

1x Morimoto Cube LED Light Pod


1x U-Shape Bottom-Mount, Hardware



12-24V Electrical Systems



1,400lm (raw)



Input Voltage:

10-30V DC


Powdercoated Aluminum (Housing), Polycarbonate (Lens)


74.6mm H, 81mm W, 81mm D (w/o Bracket)

Light Source:

CREE XT-E 6000K (Cool White)