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D2H/D2S: Morimoto 2Stroke

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Safety: You won't be putting yourself at risk while driving at night with the 2Stroke bulbs. Prior to these, optics could only ever allow LED bulbs to be used as auxiliary lighting, high beams, fog lights, etc. No longer an issue here, as the optics for the D2S 2Stroke bulbs are unique compared to other sizes in the range in order to produce the best possible results in D2S projectors.

NOTE: Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications.

Pretty Cool: Heat management is crucial for lumen maintenance and reliability. The 2Stroke bulb's internally opposed 1.5mm copper boards extract as much heat as possible from the area surrounding the LED chips and transfers it to the radiator at the back of the bulb. Yea yea, copper stuff and fans, seen that before...The key here though is that the 2Stroke's copper core has almost 3x more surface area than anything else, and it's fan is A) Mounted sideways so that it not only sucks cool air but also blows hot air out. B) It's a magnetic levitating unit, so there's no ball bearing to seize up and eventually fail.

Size Matters: Due to the extra depth of most LED bulbs, they won't fit inside headlights with solid plastic rear housing caps. The 2Stroke is no different, but they come with specially designed housing cap extensions to solve that common problem. If the original halogen bulb is exposed it's not a problem, but if its internally wired and capped off: you would not be able to close the headlight back up without these caps. They look pretty cool too, with the embossed "2S" logo molded into the back.

Benchmark: Morimoto. The Automotive Lighting Benchmark. We are globally recognized as the brand to beat. No other brand blends performance and genuine product quality quite like us. Our vast product line has something for nearly every application, and if not; our R&D department is capable of producing it in short order. Contact us and learn what we can do for you!

What's Included


2x Morimoto 2Stroke


2x Morimoto 2S Regulators


18 Months



D2S, D2H, or D2C Only


4V-9V non-pulsed



2x CREE XHP50 per bulb


5000lm (raw; per bulb)


6-30V DC