Wire Harnesses

MotoCycle: Dual Output (H11)

$40.00 MSRP


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Facts & Figures


Power Delivery: A relay harness is designed to deliver steady voltage to your HID ballasts directly from the bike's battery. Nobody likes a flickering headlight, so why risk it? Factory headlight outputs are really only designed to power a halogen light bub, not a HID ballast.

One of a Kind: The H11 Dual-Lamp Motorcycle specific harness is the first truly high quality relay harness designed for retrofitting double headlight motorcycles with xenon projectors. We're proud to offer it!

What's the Difference:The wire lengths are designed to be more ideal for the layout on a motorcycle. Unlike a normal harness, which is designed for a car's engine bay that has to be modified, this one should be ready to go out of the box.

Double Up: Each harness will power two HID ballasts from one input trigger. Perfect for retrofitting two bi-xenon (hi/lo) projectors on a bike that originally had just one low beam and one high beam and doubling your light output. 

Don't Skimp: As an important part of a finished headlight upgrade, don't skimp out when it comes to your wiring. The long list of features on the Morimoto MotoCycle Relay harness is easily worth the small premium over the eBay $10 special.

Work of Art: Aside from being a technical masterpiece, it's also a work of art. With its braided TechFlex insulation and clear relays mounted on orange bases, it will surely look factory-fresh routed through your fairings.

Benchmark: Morimoto. The Automotive Lighting Benchmark. We are globally recognized as the brand to beat. No other brand blends performance and genuine product quality quite like us. Our vast product line has something for nearly every application, and if not, our R&D department is capable of producing it in short order. Contact us and learn what we can do for you!

What's Included


1x MotoCycle H11 Dual Output


18 Months



H11 (Low Beam or High Beam)


35w or 55w



1x H11 Male


1x Nickel-Plated Ring-Type


Inline 25A