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If you’re part of the automotive industry or simply a discerning end-user; we recommend contacting one of our Master Distributors to purchase Morimoto Lighting products. With an authorized dealer on almost every continent, our distribution network reaches all corners of the world and is continues to expand.

Morimoto’s Master Dealers are held to rigorous standards. Their duty is to deliver the quality service that matches the products by offering everything from product recommendations, assistance with installation, and post sales support. Many apply for such status, few are granted the privilege.

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Morimoto is a manufacturer whose focus isn’t selling to the end-user. Our master distributors are focused on catering to end-users and their own wholesale business domestically. Becoming an Authorized Morimoto Dealer means you enjoy the following benefits.

Costs: Reduce your sourcing costs on Morimoto products for improved margins. By dealing manufacture-direct with Morimoto and importing our products directly to your home country rather than through another dealer; you will have a cost advantage.

Sales Territories: Master-Dealers will be granted a certain level of exclusivity in their region of the world. Our goal is to create a global ecosystem that harbors success for all dealers by preventing malicious competition between dealers and the profit-limiting price wars that often result in order to win a customers business.

Legitimacy: While it has proven difficult to prevent un-trustworthy outlets worldwide from advertising knock-offs; serious shoppers will understand the importance of purchasing only genuine Morimoto products. There is a certain value associated with buying from only the Dealers listed/shown in our Network map and avoiding those who aren’t.

Referrals: Our on-site dealer network page will allow local businesses and end-users to contact a dealer in their region. From there, the customer can easily find your online store, purchase what they need, and the rest is history. Likewise, smaller wholesale inquiries reaching Morimoto will be forwarded to their most appropriate Master Dealer.

Demand Index: As one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive lighting products, we know what demand looks like. With sales records on everything we produce, Morimoto can systematically recommend the right product mix for any given product line. Simply state your budget, what product categories you wish to sell, and we can develop your order mix based on historical demand from end-users.

Master Dealer Network Program


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Product Authenticity

As the most sought after brand in the automotive lighting aftermarket; Morimoto products have become a target for counterfeiters. Imitations degrade the reputation that our organization has worked hard to develop due to the sharp contrast in both quality and performance. That's why we work closely with dealers worldwide who have earned the privilege to display the Morimoto Authorized Dealer badge.

Retailers in the Morimoto Authorized Dealer network will deliver the service and quality products that discerning enthusiasts have come to expect from the brand. They can also assist customers in making the right purchase decisions and any required after-sales support. Morimoto honors product warranties only when the products are sold through an authorized retailer. Purchasing our products out-of-network places you at risk. Reward yourself with the best. Be educated and shop with care.

Look for the Morimoto Authorized Dealer logo on their site. It will contain a unique ID number and link to this page.

Verify that supplier’s location and company details appear on our dealer registry map. Beware of unknown dealers.

Ensure items arrive in proper Morimoto packaging and contain authenticity holograms.